Social Network

As many as 630 million people are active users of Facebook. The users are led to believe that all of their content that they share is only between their friends and family, while their data is reviewed by many business for their market research without the users consent. To break it down while there are about 15 million connections made between users there are 50 million connections beeing made between businesses. The busineses review peoples “likes” to see what appeals to their age group. With social networks as Facebook it has made it very easy for businesse to collect data to see how they can appeal more towards their consumers. The “likes” pages have become very powerful in marketing beacuse when someone “likes” a product its then gets slapped on all of their friends newsfeed which could inspire intrest to check their fan page out. In fact it has become so powerful that there isnt as great of a need for a public figure to endorse a product anymore. This type of advertisment is inexpensieve and effective. Facebook has also became a platform where many companies advertise their business. This made many users angry, as their pages are practicaly splashed with advertisnments. As if now Facebook has the power to review what their users with what is trending, what they “like” and much more. The invasion of privacy could lead a lto of users to ultimately rebel and close down their accounts. In the beginnign of facebook there were no advertisments on the website now   its all about it, there are also many polls that go around to collect data from the user.