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With Smarthinking, you can

        ▪ Use Drop In Tutoring and interact with a live tutor.
        ▪ Submit your Writing for any class to the Writing Center.

Writing Support Tips:

Essay Submission: Use this option under the Writing Center to submit 1 – 10 page essays for review.   We will focus on providing feedback that you can apply to become a better writer!

Essay Submission – 1 hour Essay: Use this option under the Writing Center to submit papers longer than 10 pages.   For Graduate Writing it’s suggested you submit things like thesis and dissertation work by chapter or section. Our goal is to return these essays within 24 hours.

Paragraph Development:   Use the paragraph submission area to submit paragraphs and focus on the development of your paragraphs, including the introduction, conclusion, and transition sentences.

APA Formatting: You can receive help with APA formatting by either using Drop In Tutoring to go over the citations and references you’ve worked up, or when you submit an essay under the Writing Center you can ask the tutor for APA formatting help.   If there is a specific APA formatting issue you struggle with let them know!

Don’t forget!

    • Writing submissions are returned to the Personal Archives on your Smarthinking homepage.
    • Our goal is to return your submissions within 24 hours, there are times that it will take slightly longer.   It is suggested you submit work 2-3 days before it is due so you have time to rework your essay based on the feedback.
    • The hours you can find live writing tutors (Drop In Tutoring) to help you through specific writing issues are: Sun – Thur 7AM to 12PM & Fri – Sat 10AM to 4PM (mountain time)