Importance of Extra-Carricular Activities

Importance of extra-curricular activities

Students study a lot for scoring good marks in exams and get promoted to next class. But are only studies important for the overall development of the child? Suppose if the student is good in scoring marks but can’t speak properly than the student is not fully developed to face hurdles and this school age problems get magnified during college ages and after graduation when students apply for jobs in campus interview. These kinds of students get rejected due to this improper speaking skill. There are many other problems like students are good at studies but not interested in sports than the student is inactive physically and dumb. Apart from studies students must also be aware of the outside world what is happening around. All round development means students must excel both physically and mentally. Exams and results are just the part of knowledge and getting promoted to next class, but extracurricular activities are important because they build a different personality which is the requirement in the today’s competitive era.

There are many kind of extra curricular activities in which students can participate in school occasions or else outside the schools. It is not necessary that students must always win in these activities, but they can learn man things for future.

Participation in paper reading, debates and group discussions
Students must be encouraged by teachers and parents to participate in extra curricular activities like paper reading, debate and group discussion. With the participation in these activities students can work on their speaking skills or communication skills and reading skills. And this will help them a lot in future.

Participation in paper presentation, essay writing
Students must participate in essay competition; paper writing which help the students to improve their writing skills and students and students can have good command on the spellings and grammar, which will act as the plus...