Skoda Comparision

Skoda Comparison

In the “meaner stuff” advert the location is in a warehouse, in this setting there is snakes they show that this car is aggressive and fast just like a snake would be. There are vultures which show danger and the cacti show that the car is tough. Fork lifts and small cranes are used to build this car showing that it is a well made piece of machinery. Where as the “lovely stuff” advert is set in a bright, white, clean kitchen with lovely clean silver ovens and equipment. In the “lovely stuff” advert they use cookery equipment how ever the “meaner stuff” advert used garage tools and machinery.

The mood in the warehouse is very intimidating, dark and dangerous. The reason that this mood is set is by the vultures the show danger and they’re just perching on the car almost like they are waiting for something. When the man shoots the bow at the television which is playing the “lovely stuff” advert this shows that he is jealous and angry. Mood is also set by the cacti which creates an uninviting feeling. Snakes also show the mood which creates an aggressive mood. The people also play a big part in creating mood because some people are big intimidating biker, mechanics and half robot half human this will attract young men to buy the car because it is almost like some sort of video game this is a very masculine. However the “lovely stuff” advert is completely the opposite the mood is set by a bright white kitchen with clean silver ovens with people dressed in white overalls. It’s nice and calm and the bakers making the cake are always smiling they take their tie to show they car for the car throughout the advert the “lovely stuff” song is playing this is a very feminine.

The music in the “meaner stuff” advert and the “lovely stuff” advert is the same but they have different genres. The “meaner stuff” advert has a man singing it, it’s more of a heavy metal type of genre this add to the mood and it has a different speed. Whereas the “lovely...