Jonathan Garcia
English 11A T1

Skateboarding, although it’s a very popular thing to do today, it is almost illegal everywhere. Not in the way that you will get arrested but you will be kicked out of anywhere you try to skate at. I see signs everywhere that say “No skateboarding” or “Skateboarders are prohibited”. Of course people say “Well the signs are up, but skaters still don’t obey them.” and that is true. Skaters do not obey these sign, mainly because there are no good places to skate at. Some cities or urban areas do not have skate parks so the skaters are forced to go miles away to another place that might have one. And even though there are skate parks around, they may not always be in good condition. Now property owners have the right to complain about damages that skaters have caused. There are of course skateboarders out there that ruin it for others. So I would propose two good ideas that can one, save property owners money that they spend on security guards that they hire to keep us out. And second help skateboarders get a better image in society rather than the one that the all mighty Hollywood has portrayed us to be. Which is as kids that always just skate and destroy.
The first idea is to improve the condition the skate parks or actually build inside the city or urban area. That way skateboarders will not have to go all the way to another city to go to a skate park that probably sucks. Now I know that skate parks are not cheap. A good concrete park could cost more than what the city is willing to offer or donate. So instead of having the city pay for the whole park, the skaters and even the surrounding community can pitch in to help pay. They can hold fundraisers or even donate some money themselves. Okay, now the payments is not the only issue. There are skate parks here and there but they are not good enough to attract the attention of most skaters. So how can we fix this problem? Well, it’s simple. Just include the...