Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God

Sinner's in the Hand of a Angry God
Jenna Chang

Sinner's in the Hand of a Angry God   is a sermon written   and preached by Jonathon Edwards, a charismatic preacher who is known as one of the leaders of one of the biggest religious revivals the Great Awakening. Sinner's in the Hand of a Angry God is a eloquently written sermon with vividly painted images of gods fury towards   unnatural men and women to persuade the colonists of America to accept Christ as their savior and believe and worship the God who can punish you for eternal life. Edwards uses pathos to stimulate fear and anxiousness to convince the colonists to accept God and join the church.
Edwards, uses pathos throughout his sermon by   emotionally provoking the   colonists by using vivid imagery and description in his sermon to stimulate fear and anxiousness within the colonists. When Edward   preaches “ It is a great furnace of wrath, a wide bottomless pit, full of fire of wrath, that you are held over in the hand of that god”,his shows the intensity of Edwards description of hell. Describing that pit by saying   that it is at hot as a furnace, and also wide and bottomless, something that will never end and by saying it is in the hands of God, it is the only way for colonists to stop this from happening to them is accept the God and join the faith. It is also able to induce the colonists by showing them how terrifying and wrathful hell is. The description is also able to paint a vivid picture in the heads of the colonists falling into this fiery and evil pit, causing fear and anxiousness from the colonists. By doing this, colonists are convinced that they must repent to God and accept God as their savior or burning in   eternal hell will be their fate.
Edward also uses pathos when he describes how easy it is to fall into the fiery hell, and how powerful the almighty God is, when he says “ Your wickedness makes you as heavy as lead....and god will let go, you would...