Simulation of James Bryant Conant and His Position on the Nuclear Bomb Against Japan

James Bryant Conant – Simulation (Use of Atomic Bombs on Japan)

Mr. President, I had been delegated by Stimson as you may already be aware in the special committee, the Interim Committee, to evaluate and consider whether the atomic bomb should be used and if so when and where it would be deployed. As an advisor (scientific adv.) for the committee here are my recommendations for this issue I have followed during many years now.

The United States, along with our allies, have recently defeated Nazi Germany with overall success. This will never be forgotten and this is history in the making. Now we must push forward with the war and deal with the decisions to be made to the best of our capacities. We must now learn from what happened in our experience in Europe (Nazi); keeping in mind the lives that were taken in order to secure the welfare of our allies abroad and most importantly America. In the pressing conflict with Japan, time is of an issue. We must act critically but efficiently as well. Keeping in mind 2 aspects, decisions making to the best of our ability/capacity and time as a factor, here are my propositions as your scientific advisor.

I strongly believe that there are no alternatives at the present to effectively resolve the military conflict with Japan to replace the use of the atomic bombs. Nuclear weaponry is likely to bring the fastest end to hostilities with the minimum loss of American lives.

There is much controversy to how the use of the atomic bomb will have effect on our international relations with our allies overseas. Respectfully, Mr. President, I would like to say that my associate Vannevar Bush and I (both being scientists) in the previous year have been put in the dark on much of the diplomatic issues dealt with the atomic project. Nonetheless, we both felt the need to our opinions on diplomatic and post-war issues. This is why we joined with Stimson on the Interim committee. I have amongst others from the committee have...