Silicon Valley

Writers: Jason, Irvin, David 2/5/13
Title: Silicon Valley
1) Steven Stone: middle class, co-creator of Apple, Earlier life he get manipulated by his wife, of what to do. Driving to work, then a car crash, and pregnant wife’s baby dies a miscarriage. Wife commits suicide; Steven goes crazy after the death of his loved too much wife. Gets too insane that gets sent to a mental hospital, to get his treatment.
2) Siri Stone: deceased wife of Steven Stone controls her husband, of the ways to buy things for her, go to the grocery, drive her to work, and many other controlling factors. Dies by the stress and the pain of the miscarriage of Oliver Stone, the baby. Suicide by something, and Apple named the operating system of the new phone as the wife, as a memorial.
3) Jack Gates (the Boss): Helps Steven to get back on his feet, after the months in the insane hospital.
1) Comes out the mental hospital because of wife being pregnant, car crash, baby dies, and suicide, of the beginning narration. Gave the phone by the boss named Jack Gates, as the c-creator of Apple. Job starts tomorrow, named operating system after the wife Siri Stone.
2) Goes hone, but just came back from the supermarket. Siri told him to get food from the grocery, and already had a list of items to tell him what to buy. Steven goes to play on the phone, because he had nothing to do. Online a game invite kept sending him requests on joining him to play on his/her game. After the few hours passed Siri talks to him and come to us as a text message text to him. And its ok, Oliver is with us.
3) Goes to work, goes insane in the head of the company. Walks to work talking to Siri, Siri keeps annoying and irritating him. Steven turns off the phone. Comes to work of the office of the boss. Boss saw that the phone was not even powered, it’s not even on.
4) Steven turns into a total maniac and gets fired, by the boss, speaks the phone or Siri, as Siri speaks come be with us. Steven...