Gene One Benchmarking

Running head:   Gene One Generic Benchmarking

Gene One Generic Benchmarking

Amy Jean Anderson

Anna Nykiel



Transformational Leadership

MBA 520

Professor Gary Riggs

May 20, 2009

          Generic benchmarking is a significant tool for companies in the decision making process. The purpose of the generic benchmarking is to recognize potential solution to the problem statements. Company can do it by looking at how companies in the other industries have dealt with similar concerns.   In 1996, Gene One entered in the biotech industry with groundbreaking technology that eradicated disease in tomatoes and potatoes. Farmers no longer needed to use pesticides. The win –win situation helped Gene One grow to a $400 million company in eight years. Gene One is in process to go public and realize the annual growth targets of 40 percent. This analysis will research companies that could provide useful benchmarking strategies for Gene One and addressed issues that are also facing the company, will also provide the explanation how the company responded to the issue.   Team B will include in this paper the key course concepts and compare and contrast the practices of each company related to those concepts.
Step 1
          Yahoo! was founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Founders wanted to change the way people communicate with each other, find and access information and purchase things. The website stated as "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web", later changed the name to Yahoo! They started their guide in a campus trailer in February 1994 Jerry and David found out they were not alone in wanting to find web sites useful. News about their website spread from their friends to what became a loyal audience in the whole world. Yahoo! Enjoyed its first million-hit day in the fall of 1994, translating the Website to almost 100 thousand visitors. Due to the enthusiastic reception Yahoo! became more popular. David...