Shutter Island

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Issues in Shutter Island
Andrew Casey
Introduction to therapeutic skills
Fort Hays State University


The movie Shutter Island deals with a time period in the 1950s where a character by the name of Edward “teddy” Daniels, in his thirties, deals with some extreme situations. The movie starts off with Daniels on a boat heading towards Ashville hospital of the criminally insane on Shutter Island near the Boston Harbor. He is accompanied by his partner by the name of Chuck Aule throughout most of the movie. They end up getting stuck on the island and try to find a missing patient by the name of Rachel Solando. Daniel is denied many times in getting classified documents and even entering a part of the hospital. Daniels starts to get headaches and when he sleeps he has visions of Rachel Solando drowning her three kids. Towards the end he feels like the doctors are doing questionable experiments and treatments on patients. He also feels like they are giving him something that is causing him to get the headaches and that everyone is playing games with him. At the end of the movie he realizes that he’s not actually Edward Daniels but he is actually Andrew Laeddis.   The doctor finally tells him He is the one that actually killed his wife and drowned his three kids and he can now remember what he had done and that he is actually a patient at the hospital.
There seems to be a couple disorders that Andrew Laeddis can have. Some of the disorders that he seems to have are Delusional disorder, dissociative disorder, dissociative amnesia and even one that’s been talked about most, schizophrenia.
The reasons I believe that Laeddis has a delusional disorder is because he seems to hallucinate about being in a war and fighting in combat. He then also hallucinates about Rachel Solando drowning the three kids. The headaches he was getting was because they had taken him off the medication and he...