Should We Lie to Our Success?

Atabayev Akhmet
                                                      Should we lie to our success?
Today a lot of people lie and nobody cannot say that it is a bad or good. Actually lies are happening every day, but the reason for the lie is different from person to person. That’s why we sometimes cannot know everything clear. There are many different points of view: somebody says that we cannot live without live, but somebody considers that better will be known bitter truth than sweet lie.
From day to day people lie and it is not just an assumption. According to the survey conducted for the Astana schools research paper, one hundred percent of the applicants who participated said they had lied to other people before. Some of them would even lie to a person who is important to them, such as their family, best friends, and boss. Sometimes when people lie, it doesn't mean they are bad or dishonest. They lie maybe because they want to protect themselves, their family or friends. But no matter the reasons to force someone to lie, it's still a fact that it is a lie. It doesn't matter if it is big or small lie; the cause would be the same but is only the impact would be different. From the survey, eighty percent of people would not think of the consequence after their lie has been exposed. They don't even think that their lie would be exposing. The other twenty percent would think of the consequence but they still try to lie because they still have a chance to get a benefit from a successful lie. The successful lie could help the liar get their benefit; such as they won't hurt their family, friends or other people that are important to them. Also a lie can help them to hurt the people they don't like at all. Other benefits people would get though a success lie are money and job.
Firstly, a lie can do is that it can be created to hurt another person or persons. There are many reasons why someone would create a lie to hurt others. It could just be simply the lair...