Short Story

      2.1 Bequest Of Love
The authur, Marie Gerrine Louis tells a story about Karim; an eleven years old boy who was born with a disability. Karim was the youngest son of Encik Zulkifly and Puan Haryati. He got a healthy   twins brothers   named Fariq and Faroq. Since they were six years older than Karim, they were not very closed to him but his parents love him intensely. Karim was a brilliant boy because he often questioned his mother about general knowledge or anything in this world. His mother mostly couldn’t manage to answer all of his question. Karim also enjoys admiring the nature in the evening at the verandah of his house with his parents. Although Karim accepted his disability and coped with it, but there is still an underlaying feeling of dread that conquered his parents. One day Fariq noticed that Karim interested with death. Whereby, he read books about death and horrifying things like that. His mom also realized that he was getting obsessed with death and morbid. His mom asked and he said that he wants to live longer and able to walk and run because he want   go around the world three times. But his dream just fade away after he collapsed in his bedroom. His family took him to the doctor and at last he died besides his mother. After that, Faroq and Fariq found Karim’s last will and testment in a blue envelope. Karim had left a bequest of love for each of his family members.

      2.2 The Monkey’s Paw
"The Monkey's Paw" is set in the White family home in England. Mr. and Mrs. White and their adult son Herbert are inside enjoying a cozy evening around the fire.Soon Sergeant-Major Morris arrives. He's been in the army in India for the past 21 years. He tells the Whites stories of his adventures in that faraway land and shows them a monkey's paw that has the power to grant three wishes. Mr. White wants the paw, but Morris tells him it's cursed where people get hurt when their wishes are granted. He tries to burn the...