Short Essay

As a child when I walked into an amusement park, the most fascinating ride i saw was the rollercoaster. Growing up I became very fond of the roller coaster because it was at every amusement park I went to as child. I always noticed how fast it went and how much it went up and down and twisted all around in the progress. Growing older and into my teenager years, I began to see that my life was going from good to bad to good to bad. Not always, but sometimes there was something that made me go down. Even though there were good and bad things happening, life kept going on faster than i knew it would as a child. I learned the design of a rollercoaster, how it relates to life, and how I feel with my roller coaster life style.
I go up and down,sometimes being jolted violently from one direction to another, even when I am least expecting it. Sometimes it is exciting, or sometimes it makes me feel sick or scared. Depending on where i am on the ride my view of life and the world changes. When I am at the top of the roller coaster I can have a good view of the world. Versus when I am at the bottom of the ride, I can have a horrible view of the world. Sometimes as I look at the twists and turns ahead of me it feels like it just goes on forever. While on the roller coaster I have to hold onto the things that matter to me, or I may end up loosing them. I have to go with the flow; although I can choose my own reactions or how I feel while on the rollercoaster I cannot always choose what direction the roller coaster will end up taking me.
Growing up and growing older each and everyday has changed   my view of life each and everyday. Some things make life seem like it sucks, and some things make life seem like it’s fabulous. The roller coaster effect of life just shows that even though I am going down, it really just matters who I am with on the ride and who I am sharing my experiences with while on the rollercoaster. The twists and turns in my life becomes lessons, and what I...