5 Short Essay

Describe the reasons for US entry in WWI. What new sorts of warfare emerged from this conflict? What led to the war - and what were the results?
There were several reasons the US entered in WWI.   Probably the most talked about reason was the sinking of the British cruise ship, the Lusitania in 1915 by a German U-boat.   President Woodrow Wilson did not want to go to war and demanded an end to the attack on passenger ships.   Many people disagree that this should be considered a reason for the US entry into the war because the US did not actually enter the war for almost 2 years following the attack on the Lusitania.   This attack did however turn public opinion in many countries against Germany which played a part in winning the hearts and minds of the American people once the US did declare war in 1917.
Another reason for the US involvement was the fact that the US had economic investments with the British and French.   These countries were using loans made by the US to finance the war as well as buying arms from the US on credit.   If these countries were to lose, the US would not get their money back and their not paying back these loans could collapse the US’s economy.  
Also considered a reason for the US entering WWI were political reasons.   Woodrow Wilson didn’t want to go to war but was afraid of losing the election to Teddy Roosevelt so he told the people to get ready for war.   By entering the war, the US could establish itself as a world power.
The final push to war was probably the Zimmerman Telegram.   British Intelligence intercepted and decoded this telegram from Berlin to Mexico which suggested an alliance between Germany and Mexico if the US did enter the war.   Germany promised Mexico that if they agreed to fight, they will regain the territories they lost during the Mexican-American War, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.   Germany felt this would prevent the US from joining the Allies and would give Germany more time to resume their submarine attacks...