Short Critical Reflection

Identity theft is one of the major concerns with utilizing social networks. The Internet is powerful because it serves as an almost limitless storehouse of data and ideas, but it also can be dangerous because it can store misinformation that masquerades as fact. (Mark D. Bowles, 2010)   I think once you enter into the Internet Highway one has to sacrifice a little security. Even inaccurate information can be reported about a person.   If you are not concerned about someone finding out personal things about you, then this avenue of networking is perfect for you. If someone wants to be un- reachable or lost, then these are not the sites for them.   With these social networks, one can find a lot about a person. What schools they attended, their spouse names, their children’s names and where about, what city they live in and their age. They can also find tune that person’s interest. However, there is an advantage to these social networks. People like to buy from people they know. Connecting socially gets more exposer and these networks allow people free advertising. This advertising is geared toward pacific people, people like themselves. Network sites like these are unsecure for a reason, and I believe it is for the openness. People like to know who other people’s friends are, what they are talking about and what they have accomplished. It’s easy to find people if you search for them on Face Book.   It seems as everyone who’s anyone is on this site, it’s a great place to network.

Is email dead for teenager?
I have a son, and nieces and nephews, and I have not heard them say that I need to check my email.   With all the social sites to keep them up to date with their friends, I do not see them really using an email account. They text all day, and talk more than they write a paper. They would never use an email if a teacher did not say they need it for a class assignment. That would be there first and last time they used an email account. Facebook and...