Ships Ahoy or Beach Bum?

Ships Ahoy or Beach Bum?
  Where to go on vacation is a question that most people are always asking? My exact question is what type of vacation I should take, a cruise of stay at an all inclusive resort. Both options offer a variety of activities.   Some activities will be offered on a cruise that will not be offered on a resort and vice versa. Though two very different vacation styles they can be very similar in many different ways.
    A cruise is advertised as all-inclusive vacations but you shall out money for things that might be included in an all-inclusive resort. The one price deal on a cruise usually but not limited to on board accommodations, all you can eat food, entertainment and transportation to all the ports. This is where the all-inclusive stops. You will pay extra for transportation to the departure city, shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, soda and gratuities. If you want to relax at the spa you will need to open the wallet again. There is nightly entertainment on the cruise. Or if you choose you can gamble or dance the night away.
    All-inclusive resorts obviously mean everything thing is included in the final cost of your booked vacation. Your airfares, food, booze and non-motorized sports are there at your
disposal. The non-motorized sports (such as snorkeling gear ocean kayaks and paddle boats) are awesome perks when staying on a resort. Going to another country you will need to obtain a U.S. Passport which will cost approximately two hundred dollars more. You will be able to gamble at the casinos or dance the night away at the resort club. If you get bored of what the resort has to offer you will have to leave the resort to find entertainment.   Getting a taxi and choosing an activity will add additional expense to you.
Despite the money difference it depends on the type of vacation you would enjoy. If you choose to cruise, you will have a variety of activities to...