The Beach

A day at the beach
“Hurry up children” bellowed mum as she rapidly loaded the people carrier as we were going to the beach. Dad was inside the kitchen interrogating the internet for directions to the beach. My sister was frolic prancing about inside her disarranged room. I just sat at the bottom of the stairs greedily devouring a delicious chocolate bar and playing on my portable game console. After a while, when my game console battery had expired everyone was ready to leave. I swiftly boarded the car as we slowly reversed out of our drive, we were on our way.

Eventually we arrived at the beach; the water was a rich deep blue colour. Not a patch of sea weed was in sight. The fine golden sand was scourged on my feet as you heard the sound of the waves crashing the rocks. The wind whistled into my ears as I sauntered down to the rest of the family. Thousand of tourist looked like ants milling about the beach. My mum who was a kind hearted woman with a round face and a stout body attired in a fluorescent red bathing suit gently slapped sun cream onto my back. The air hung heavy of sweat and fish. As soon as the cream had absorbed into my skin I was able to go into the water. Down below there was a blanket of ruddy crabs aimlessly pinching my feet.  

The crystal clear water smothered the sand.”Come and get your ice creams here,” bellowed a portly man with a blue apron covered in ice cream .Instantaneously children started to approach their mums pleading for money to buy ice creams. Artistic sand castles lay in the sand; they were statistically placed for tourist to admire. High above boisterous milk white seagulls flamboyantly seagulls gliding, twisting and turning in the clear blue sky.

High above a flock of birds gathered and bolted in the opposite direction. Instantaneously the sun fled the sky opened and a gush of rain poured down like a waterfall. The grey sinister sky grew dark as night and the air became so moist you could almost drink...