Shearwaters Adventures Ltd


The Problem:
Shearwater Adventures Ltd. is contemplating on where the company should go in the future. Due to the economic and political instability of Zimbabwe, the inflation rate is rising dramatically, doubling every 22 days. With this happening, many companies have shut down in the last few years. Companies were forced to sell their new buildings due to this instability. Even with the high inflation rates and lowering tourist numbers, Shearwater has been able to increase sales by an average of 30.5% in the last two years and obtain an 80% market share in the industry.

After stating the main problem and thinking about the economy, we have decided that we must answer a few questions.

1) Do we intend to stay in Zimbabwe?
2) What’s our main reason for staying or leaving?
3) How are we going accomplish our choice and increase sales?
4) Is there a way to acquire more cash from each customer?

Since we hold such a large share of the market and are located next to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls, it seems that there will always be tourists in the area to experience its beauty.

Target Market:
We believe we should expand and try to focus on a broader area attracting younger, more athletic types. Currently, our customers average ages are: women age 46 and men age 50. We believe that trying to attract a younger market could increase our sales dramatically. We should also increase marketing to families wanting to take vacations together. With the wide array of activities we offer, we believe that we could help families reconnect and experience new thrills.

Current Position:
We are the market leader in Zimbabwe with an 80% market share. Our staff is younger and more athletic than competitors, offering us a more attractive look to customers. Even with the high inflation rate and other companies going under, we have remained strong growing on average of 30.5% in the last two years. We are also located near one of...