My Biggest Adventure

What would be the biggest adventure in my life
As a lot of other people, who have just quite a few weeks off work, I like relaxing on a beautiful beach somewhere. The most energetic thing I might consider is a dip in the pool of my hotel and my only exercise is putting on more sun tan lotion. However, my spirit likes to be more adventurous and tries out new things to get the adrenaline pumping.
If I were not limited by money, I would like to take an adventure holiday, for example to Morocco. I think that there are few places in the world that offer such a superb mix of the exotic with the sophistication and style of European like Morocco. Mixing rich colours, vibrant cultures and startling scenery, Morocco is a perfect destination for an adventure holiday, I suppose.
From its scenic coastline to dramatic mountains and culturally rich cities, Morocco is a land of wonder and beauty. I believe that it is also a place that has intrigued travelers for centuries. Whether you want to ride a camel across the Sahara or hang out in Casablanca, Morocco has something to offer any adventurous traveler craving to see and do things they never even imagined. The colorful streets and unique blending of peoples and cultures will have everyone transfixed and amazed.
With its plethora of sands of the Sahara desert, Morocco is a brilliant location for desert adventurous trip by camels, where you can follow traditional life style and culture of Berber people. Become a part of a typical desert caravan and sleep in traditional nomad tent with a backdrop of sand dunes, it must be something extraordinary. For anyone wishing to leave the frenetic modern world behind, this is like travelling back to a different age.
After couple days of relaxing in the desert, I would like to change warm sand of Sahara for incoming air of the Atlas Mountains. With their rugged walking trails, varied and picturesque scenery and the guarantee of a cheerful welcome from the Berber people, the Atlas...