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Sharing Talking Styles
I think the article makes some great points to it. According to Bruce Bower, “Romantic ties may indeed benefit from matching conversational styles… (2010).” According to Pennebaker, “Two people locked in a bitter fight tend to talk, or yell, in similar ways (Bower, 2010).”
Bower refers to some studies in the article too. This study analyzed 40 conversations between speed daters. He states Opposite-sex pairs who talked using similar types and frequencies of function words were nearly four times as likely to express mutual interest in dating after the encounter as pairs whose speaking styles differed (bower,2010). Then in the second experiment found   that out of 86 young-adult couples in a relationship that use the same type of writing styles in an instant message   are more likely to stay together over a three month period (bower, 2010).
The results of these experiments show that three quarters of the high scoring couples remain together after the three month period is over compared to the lower scoring couples (bower, 2010). I would have to agree with the article. Communication plays a significant role in relationships but not just boyfriend and girlfriend. Communication also plays a role with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and etc.
When doing the Language style matching, I use my best friend and I conversation on an online conversation. I think the results are not very accurate because how can it indicate how synchronized their use of words is. I think that it will never show how close we truly are. I believe that were are to different people with different beliefs but our connection is indescribable. We ended up score a 0.62. We use a lot of slang.
I don’t believe that language style matching is a comprehensive way to predict the quality of an interpersonal relationship because how someone writes doesn’t mean a thing. I believe communication is the most important factor to a relationship.
In conclusion, the LSM is not...