Sharing Practice

4th September 2013
Professional discussion – Sharing Practice

Present at the discussion was myself and Mairi.   Mairi is a senior within a playgroup who is aiming to complete her qualification.  
Before sharing our practice I received a set of questions regarding my nursery setting, the staff and the management from Mairi by email. I also sent a set of 10 questions to Mairi regarding her management and leadership and general running of the nursery.   This included things such as staff training, inclusion of stakeholders and self-evaluation.   I have attached these questions as evidence.
I greeted Mairi into the nursery and introduced myself.   We first discussed the purpose of the visit which was to share good practice and look at each nursery to find how, as a manager, quality is maintained throughout their service.   I offered to begin by going over the questions which I had sent first.   Mairi agreed and we began.
The discussion was carried in a more organic manner and instead of us both asking the questions and answering each other systematically.   We did ensure that we had covered any questions we had set out to answer.   We found that we covered more of a broad area and shared more practice through this method.

Personal Discussion
Mairi and I first discussed how we evaluated the service.   Both centre’s used Child at the Centre 2.   We discussed how this enabled us to identify the areas in which we could improve on and transfer this information into the Improvement Plan for the coming year.   This document was also utilised by both centre’s to write a Standards and Quality report at the end of the year.  
I went on to describe the 4 main priorities of the last year and how we improved on them.   These were 2.1 - A Curriculum for Excellence – Literacy, 2.1 - A Curriculum for Excellence – Numeracy, 5.9 - Self Evaluation and 9.3 - Developing people and Partnerships.   I discussed the various tasks I used to achieve these improvements with Mairi...