Information Management


  Julian Alberto Castano JimĂ©nez - 12531354
  Information Management - Westminster Business School


  This paper discusses the effectiveness of the Information System (IS) emphasising in the use of intranet as a facilitator of knowledge sharing in all levels of a company in the UK.

The paper highlights the role of IT as a group who steers the leadership of information management strategy supported by other departments such estates and finance in order to achieve the main corporate strategy which is customer service delivery, this paper argues the importance to align these sources and recipients in the process of the company.


Intranet, knowledge management, Knowledge sharing.


As the Human Beings evolve, the companies do too. Therefore, the service industry has experienced considerable change over the years thanks to technology innovation. This new era has carried new communication technologies and different ways to collect, to process and to use the vast volume of information that is exchanged on day-to-day bases internally and externally in every company. Information volumes are increasing steadily. As it keeps growing, so do the challenges of managing the information and trying to find value in it. Such challenges are: (i) Relevancy; (ii) Accessibility; (iii) Legality; (iv) Security, (v) Value (Chaffey & Wood, 2005).

In some companies the process of collecting data, transforming these data into information is not taken seriously and underused as a business tool. In order to survive in these pressures of global competition environment, companies must shift the way they set enterprise strategies not only focussing on profits but setting a strategy to help them to manage the flow of information and knowledge management.

The paper approach, therefore, provides an insight of the IS to evaluate its effectiveness in facilitating Knowledge Sharing (KS) across all levels in...