Sexual Response

Sexual Response

      The Sexual Response Cycle

      Many Individuals exercise in sexual behaviour in our community today. It is not as illustrated as in centuries past as something illegal or something woman cannot see pleasurable. This sexual response pattern is everyone’s life energy that co-operates in sexually exciting ways. This is how our physical body acknowledges both physically as well as passionately to sexual behaviour. This cycle consists of four distinctive phases: excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasm stage as well as the resolution phase. Individuals may respond to these phases varyingly, as it diversifies from person to person. There are, in addition dysfunctions that could occur and will de-motivate the cycle of sexual response from taking place.

      The excitement or stimulation period transpires when an individual first gets aroused. This can be as soon as three to eight seconds after the first stimulation commences, lasting anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. This gives a jump start for the flowing of blood leading to the genitals, which drives an erection in men and the ballooning of the clitoris as well as inner lips in women. These section further causes flushed skin, heightened heart rate including blood pressure, hardening of the nipples including lubrication in both males as well as females. The man’s testicles will increase as well as the skin around them thickens; furthermore the women’s breasts will become fuller. Given this, this is the first stage.

      The second stage is the plateau stage, which the distinctiveness from the arousal level is illuminated. The vagina continues to escalate while the opening constricts, willing to obtain the penis; the clitoris then becomes sensitive and drawing under the hood. The man’s penis shows an increase of width at the head; the testes are higher and ready for release. This point transports people to the verge of orgasm.

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