Sexual Harassment Notes

Tips & Advice to help you make your decision on Sexual Harassment Training
Sexual harassment has become a big concern for many businesses. Not only can sexual harassment lead to costly legal disputes, but it can also interfere with the work performance of employees. If you have not shown your employees a sexual harassment training video recently, then you might want to think about exploring your options to choose a video that suits your needs.
A sexual harassment training video might offer much more than just a lecture detailing the harm that harassment causes. Some of them also provide managers with instructional materials that make it easier for them to teach employees about the many gray areas that can exist in sexual harassment cases. The materials might also provide specific examples of sexual harassment to help your employees better understand the differences between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. provides you with a list of links about sexual harassment videos and instructional materials. Follow the links on the left to learn more about the options that various training services can offer you and your employees. This will help you make an informed decision that will benefit your business most instead of taking the chance of sexual harassment affecting your success.

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What Can an Employer Do?
Prevention is the first, last, and primary line of defense against sexual harassment; in fact, prevention is the cure. Simply for the sake of human dignity, employees in healthcare settings are entitled to safe, harassment-free workplaces. EEOC guidelines encourage employers to take...