Session Plan

Course: AiEaT | Group: |
Time: | Date: 13 Jan 2016 |
Topic:British Army job roles | Aims:To introduce learners to Army job categories and job roles |
Learning Outcomes:1.   Identify the 7 main job categories2.   Classify roles within the 7 categories3.   Evaluate own opportunities within these categories | Assessment:1.   Initial assessment – job cards into 2 piles, jobs you can and can’t do in the Army2.   Completion of the 7 main job category grid |
Notes on Learners:1.   Debbi – Dyslexic, Learning style     visual and kinaesthetic 2.   Chris – Learning style visual and kinaesthetic3.   Artur – English not his first language, Learning style visual and kinaesthetic also has some topic knowledge due to part time role in the Army | Differentiation:Mix of activity – explanation (aural), PowerPoint and Video (visual) and practical exercises (kinaesthetic).Clarity of speech and straightforward use of English for ESOL learner.Use of green card and green text to assist dyslexic learner.Challenging questioning across ability levels |
Links to Maths and English:Reading PP slides and job cards | Links to E and D and Employability:Brief explanation of Army E and D policy |
Self Evaluation: |

Time | Development | What willThe learnersBe doing?(Learner activity) | How will You support individual learning?(Teacher activity) | How will you know that learning is taking place?(Assessment activity) | What resources will you use to help learning take place? |
2 mins | IntroductionIntroduce self and topicAnd set lesson expectations | Listen respond to questioning | Explain lesson learning outcomesAsk learners if any have previous knowledge | | PowerPoint slides |
10-15mins | Middle | Place job cards into two piles, one that you can’t do in the Army the other that you canListenWatch videoRespond to questioningPick interest cards and then see which category they would be suited toFill in the missing categories and job roles activity | Job card activityShow job role video...