Planning and Enabling Learning

Planning and Enabling Learning.
The topics I am researching are;
Negotiating with learners
Inclusive learning
Integrating functional skills
The approach I will take to research them will be; to spend time doing research in the LRC at Kingston Maurward College I have chosen to do this because there is a great deal of information readily available in the plethora of books listed in the library.   The evidence I will produce to support my research will be the reference and bibliography listed on pages 11 and 12.   The topic I have produced and written a session plan for was “the use of different resources” which is in Appendix A of this paper.   The précis /Summary for my findings are in Appendix B of this paper.   The second approach will be to access the internet.   The internet although not completely fallible is a source of a great deal of knowledge which can be accessed very quickly.   The internet allows the researcher to access journals from different Universities e.g. using MYBU to access literature at Bournemouth University.   The evidence for my research of this method will be in the references in Appendix A and the précis/Summary in Appendix B (in the form of printed sections of web pages).   My final approach will be to study the books I have purchased over the past 6 months such as   Reflective Teaching by Andrew Pollard, Teaching today by Geoff Petty and Performance Management by Michael Armstrong and Angela Baron.
“If you don’t know where you are going, it is difficult to select a suitable means for getting there”. (Mager, 1955).
Assessment – “Assessment should not be something that is done to somebody.   The learner must be involved and feel part of the process”.   (Thom, 2001).  
Negotiating with Learners.
Negotiating with learners can be a daunting task; it can also be devastating for the teacher or the learner if approached in the wrong manor.   The way in which a tutor or teacher presents this can either lead to the learner having great...