Service User Interview Reflection

 Who was the service user/ carer and what was the presenting problem?  
The service user was a married woman with children and the problem she came to share was about her mother who is 80 years old and now living by herself due to the death of her husband. The service user’s mother was beginning to forget things and it was worrying for the service user as it was causing her mother to become more vulnerable. An incidence of flooding had already occurred at the house because the service user’s mother had forgotten she had turned a tap on and this had caused some damage, but not too severe. The service user was concerned this could occur with other things like gas, electric etc. and so wanted her mother to be taken care of as she was unable to do it.

 What happened during the session? Think about beginnings, content and endings
During the session I introduced myself very poorly as I became aware of my nerves at this point. This was surprising for me as I was very well prepared and knew what I wanted to do but my body reactions changed and I could feel that I had become anxious. I managed to ignore my anxiety and continue as if I was not nervous. I summarised confidentiality very well and did not make it sound too worrying. My questions were picked out of what the service user was telling me bearing in mind the CHEFLESSHH model so that I covered a range of important information. I summarised certain important sentences the service user used. This enabled me to touch on the service users feelings but I could have explored more on how they felt to be of more support. Unfortunately due to my nerves I was concentrating too much on trying to get the right information to build a substantial picture of the situation and so although I was empathetic, asked a good range of questions and summarised well, I left no room for much silence and a chance for the service user to tell their story without too much structure.

 How were you rated at the end of the session...