Serious Failings Safe Guarding

Serious Failings to protect Baby P

Baby P was born on the 1st March 2006 and died on the 3rd August 2007.
His death caused outrage due to the fact that so many different authorities were involved in his care; yet he was subject to systematic abuse from his mum and her partner Mr H.
Baby P’s mum was already on the at risk register, due to the fact that she came from an abusive back ground herself.
No one asked any questions regarding Baby P’s mum’s friendship with Mr H, who had been involved with the family since the summer of 2006, and no background checks where done which should have been done, with the mother’s previous history.
Baby P’s first visit to the GP was on the 18th September 2006 with a nappy rash. Mum expressed concerns that Baby P was bruising easily and was worried she would be accused of abuse. On another 6 occasions Baby P was taken to either the GP or the Accident and Emergency Unit for different injuries, all classed as non-accidental. Bruises, swellings, scratches, head lice, and infected fingers and ears were looked at and investigated by all that was involved in Baby P’s care; however he was still allowed to back into the care of his mum and Mr H. Further issues were raised regarding the Baby P’s other siblings within the household, which were not looked into in any depth.
Investigations where done and hearings held, some of which were not attended by key people involved in Baby P’s care, that could have influenced the hearings outcome.
On the 3rd of August 2007 a 999 call was made by Baby P’s mum, leading to Baby P being taken to A&E. He was pronounced dead at the hospital at 12:19pm.
There were serious failings in Baby Ps care,
  * Lack of urgency
  * Lack of thoroughness
  * Insufficiently challenging of a parent
  * Lacking action in response to reasonable interference
  * Insufficient focussing   on the children’s welfare with in the house hold
All the staff and agencies that were involved in Baby P’s...