The Importance of Safe Guarding Children and Young People

The importance of safe guarding children and young people

• It keeps them safe from significant harm.
• They feel safe in their environment.
• They can develop and achieve their potential.
• They can develop skills for later life. So they can grow up happy and healthy, physically and mentally.

The importance of a child centred approach

• It puts the child first.
• It gives the child the right to choose for themselves and develop at their own pace (through exploring, creative play and risk taking).
• It helps their confidences and self esteem.
• It helps them to form their own decisions and judgements and develop skills needed for later life.
• By centring on the individual child we can learn where they are in their development and give them appropriate activities to build their skills.

The importance of partnership working

• It’s working with parents, carers and other organisations and agencies to ensure communication and share information for the safety of children and young people.
• Making decisions and dealing with the outcome of those decisions accordingly.
• The bringing to together of different specialist organisations to give the child or young person the benefit of their individual areas of expertise, to help ensure their safety wellbeing and development.  

Roles and responsibilities of organisations (when a child or young person is abused)

• Police, if child or young person is in immediate danger and can also help in criminal procedures in abuse cases.
• Children and young people services. To undertake investigation and involve police/ health-education agencies.
• Social workers, gathers information from others about the case (family, health visitor, school, doctor and to provide support to those who need it.
• Local safeguarding children’s board northamptonshire, gives help and advice about how recognise signs and indicators of abuse and what to do if a child or young person discloses abuse and how you can make a...