Book Review Cloudstreet

Book Review Assignment
Title: Cloudstreet
Author: Tim Winton

In Cloudstreet, Tim Winton talked about two Australian families forced to live together in the same house. Cloudstreet was set between World War II to the mid 1960's, the families shown by Winton is a representation of the behavioral culture of families during the period. This book revolves around the theme- family. It illustrates how families in Australia dealt with the adversities in life. This book appeals to me in an emotional way as the author explored the two most valuable intangible objects: kinship and strong family ties. To me, these two emotions and links with my family are the most valuable on earth. This book also deepened my understanding of the complexities and brevity of the Australian culture. Through this book, I have come to appreciate the unique Australian culture better.

Nuclear family structure is one of the most common household structures in Australia. Male supremacy and female servitude is clearly evident in nuclear families.[i] The Pickles as depicted by Winston is a good example of a nuclear family structure. Sam pickles - the head of the household is the sole economic support for the family. With three children to support, Sam had to secure a job to make ends meet even after he lost one of his hands. This was a representative of how the Man of the household made most of the decisions in the family unit. The wife is usually in-charge of domestic labour and childcare. The character Dolly- Sam’s wife did not fulfill her duties and responsibilities as a mother. She had numerous affairs with different men and often left the house for pub drinking. She was a symbolic example of how women in Australia can break through stereotypes or transcend boundaries set by the society. The central concept of nuclear family is the process of raising children. The mother is often the source of emotional support for the children. Dolly’s irresponsible actions caused her to be detached from...