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Africa is a continent of opportunities and across its 55 states, the continent of Africa presents endless business opportunities.   From new oil and gas discoveries across the region, huge growth in mobile banking and mobile technology and under-developed tourism potential countless reports show that Africa is on a growth trajectory.   The economic fundamentals are clearly in favour of Africa; steadier exchange rates, robust commodity prices, increased private capital flows and modest inflation.   These have given rise to an ever increasing pace of urbanization and the opening of new consumer markets as Africa’s exploding middle class comes into unprecedented disposable income. This has not gone unnoticed on the global manufacturing and technology stage. Pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries among others are increasingly looking towards Africa as the next competitive manufacturing stage, from the current powerhouses in India and China, supported by the

labour market and growing demand.  
Doing business in Africa provides unique challenges and endless opportunities.   With fewer conflicts and economic growth rates that are now competitive with those of other developing regions, Africa has experienced positive change and has a substantial amount to offer.   However, the business environment, including social, economic, legal and political, is complex and doing business in this rapidly expanding regions requires a different set of skills.   As the Africa Progress Panel has outlined in a recent policy paper, Africa – Investment Ready, rapid change in the last decade has turned African into a region ripe with opportunities for investors willing to participate in, as well as profit from the continent’s development.
Steadily increasing stability is reducing the risks that have long deterred investors.   Over the next few decades, there will be surge in the number of young people.   As the ratio of people of working age to dependants rises, economic growth could...