Sdk 125 Tma01

Question 1
“After reading both articles I am rather alarmed about the situation faced by the residents in Kibera. Here in the developed world we take so much for granted.   Where sanitation and water is a right for us, for residents in Kibera it is a luxury.”
“Both writers used statistics to convey their information to the reader. Statistics in both the articles were quite shocking. The two articles used the statistics to demonstrate the level of help required in Kibera.”
The main thing that struck me about the two articles was the use of statistics to convey information and highlight main points. I chose to include the extract that I contributed to the tutorial forum and the extract contributed by Becca Fellows. Both contributions highlight how the statistics used in the articles are rather shocking. My contribution and that by Becca to the forum similarly mention that the articles are from two different perspectives. Whereas the British article has a more global approach, the African article is more localised and focuses on the lives of the residents. Overall, both articles successfully make readers aware of the plight faced by the residents of Kibera.

Question 2
The following are forms of plagiarism and are unacceptable in assignments:
a) Copying some text from a website, changing a few words and presenting it as your answer to a   question.
b) Copying some text from a website and presenting it as your answer to a question accompanied   by a correct reference to its source.
c) Discussing the precise answers to assignment questions with other students before either you or they have submitted the work for assessment.
e) Allowing another student to copy your assignment.

Question 3
My scatter plot shows an inverse association between deaths from diarrhoeal diseases and access to improved sanitation. The greater the percentage of people with access to improved sanitation, the lower the number of deaths from diarrhoeal diseases.

Question 4...