Scrap Metal Crusher Brings Me so Much Benefits!

Metal crusher, which is also known as scrap metal crusher and metal crushing machine, is currently in the steelmaking industry is a new type of crushing equipment, can will all forms of waste metal are broken, break into massive, the strip, ball, debris shape, powder, etc. Metal crushing out the material very specialized easily carry shipping, convenient feeding steelmaking, shorten the time of smelting, greatly improving the efficiency of the steel smelting.

Scrap metal crusher according to the principle of work can be roughly divided into two types: one: use or double spindle rotation at low speed, the material to make use of the knife dish cut, cut, tear, pull. Direct worm gear and worm gear motor, installed directly on metal crusher drive shaft, by gear transmission to the driven shaft, drive shaft of the moving blade and the stationary knife on the shell plate form a relative motion.2: using high-speed rotating impeller to scrap metal stirring tear broken, high speed rotation (about 1000 RPM) series on the spindle of the wafer, more steel, circular plate and the spindle rotation.Circular plate with 4 ~ 6 surrounded by small shape gear with manganese steel.

Metal crusher performance and advantages:1, the machine adopts horizontal structure, the chip of subsequent processing, effectively reduce the chip volume, saving storage space.2, metal crusher device is equipped with safety protection, which can effectively prevent accidental failures result in equipment damage.3, big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, the average partical and controllable strengths.4, metal crusher can make all kinds of scrap metal, chemical fire prevention materials chip, dry and press block, smelting, crushing and conveying become simple and easy.5, metal crusher can dramatically reduce the volume of chip, chip can be continuous feeding, may also be intermittent feeding.6, large torque, high yield, no manic, wear-resisting, etc advantages.

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