Scientific Revolution's Impact on Religion and Philosophy

Tyler Sanford Pd.4
Ms. George AP European History
Scientific Revolution   FRQ
The Scientific Revolution caused religion to come into question, but did not cause a drop in numbers, it also gave reason and evidence to philosophy from 1550-1750.   Before the Revolution, it was widely accepted that Ptolemy’s geocentric view was correct and that there was no need for reason or evidence because faith was all that was needed.   But now, the first effect that the new facts and ideas of the Revolution had was to cause many to question religion and faith instead of blindly following the church and the Bible.   What it did was just mainly to cause people to change their view on God and Christianity more than causing them to abandon their views.   The second thing was an impact of the revolution on philosophy where it caused people to think more rationally with the use of logic, reason, and evidence.   This impact was clearly seen in a popular turn from many superstitions like witch hunts and was also seen in the emergence of mathematics.
The first impact that the scientific revolution had on religion was a new push towards reason over faith.   For instance, Nicholas Copernicus rejected Ptolemy’s geocentric theory where the earth was the center of the universe and it was very widely accepted by the church and the scientific community.   He instead believed in a heliocentric universe with the sun at the center with the earth and other planets revolving around the sun.   His new theory was actually rejected by the church in favor of the long held geocentric view.   Then Galileo even publicized his support for the Copernican Theory which caused even more people to question whether religion could truly answer all questions because they persecuted Galileo for his support.   So in these instances and with many other experiments that contradicted religion, reason sometimes trumped faith in areas such as the structure of the universe.   It very rarely caused people to totally...