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Although it's not clear in the story whether an associate’s degree is a precondition for taking the exam, in your opinion, should a degree be a requirement to sit for the exam?


Why or why not?

In my opinion, it is not necessary for an associate to hold a degree as a precondition for taking the exam. I think that knowledge should be prerequisite for taking a position in any organization. Knowledge does not come from taking degree from an institution. Instead, it is a result of experience and understanding the requirements of the job. It is not that the criteria of keeping entrance exam to decide for a position are not useful. However, it should be considered as one of the criteria, rather than depending on exams as the sole precondition for hiring people into a job. Examinations are means to measure the technical know-how of a person in relation to a particular position for which it is conducted. However, apart from the technical knowledge required to do a job, practical knowledge and skill set is also extremely significant. A skill in a person requires that the execution of the theoretical knowledge gained by an employee during his semesters in an institution occur properly. This is the reason that experience individuals are paid higher packages in organizations than fresher hired by the company. Sometimes practical implementation of the knowledge gained in examinations or while attaining degrees may be completely different from that required in the marketplace. One should have only passion, knowledge, and the required skill set to perform the job. Exams restrict even deserving individuals to appear in the interview process to express the process knowledge they hold to perform the job. Passion is also a necessity that holds importance to perform a task.

Based on the fact that Doug and Sam earned the first and second highest test scores, is it a reasonable assumption that the city of Davis will add Doug and Sam to the certification list?