Schools as Organizations

L.O:5: Understand the purpose of school policies and procedures.

A.C:5.1: Explain why schools have policies and procedures.
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All schools like other organizations are required to have policies and procedures, rules and regulations in place, followed strictly by the whole school community. Parents, staff, governors, and others who are involved in the running of the school   are able to work from a comprehensible set of guidelines. These policies complies with the government guidance and legislation and schools are following rules and regulations set by the Govt.
Schools follow these rules and procedures for the smooth day to day running of the school and to make sure that pupil receive quality education. Policies help define rules, regulations, procedures and protocols for schools.
Schools policies are there for several reasons:
• To establish rules and regulations for acceptable behaviours.
• To ensure that the school environment is safe for students.
• To create a productive learning environment.
• To make sure that the school environment is also safe for the teachers and other staff.
Policies are often made by the governing bodies of the school in order that rules and regulations are to be in place and enforced. When these policies are in place, it means there are some determined procedures of how schools operations are handled and all staff and pupils know about the expectation of them and act accordingly. This saves time, prevents confusion and unifies the school.
To create a safe learning environment such policies like anti-bullying policy, equal opportunity Policy, Health and safety policy, etc. are produced which sets up a safe physical and mental environment for the staff and students of the school.
To encourage higher learning every school has some goals set forward by the school board. Such type of policies, establishes standards and support schools and staff accountable to the public.
Policies are important...