School Violence

With the growing number of school violence, the question still lingers. What causes school violence to bring out such horrific effects? Many popular claims are television, video games, music, and movies. Others suggest family problems or mental illness. Even so, it is a huge problem every day in millions of young Americans and most of the time leads to long term violent effects, and yet leaves the National Government puzzled on finding a solution.
So you ask, what can the National Government do on this issue? Some Americans ask, “why not just ban guns?” That is against our rights of the Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms, under the Constitution. Outlawing firearms will not solve the issue, schools are a gun free zone. Congress recently approved a one hundred and forty million dollar budget deal to support safe school environments. This adds more security personnel, or police officers to schools, more surveillance equipment,and fences. Some schools have even required students to carry identification cards at all times, but will this be the solution?
Students with disorders such as bipolar disease or depression find it hard to see anything positive in their day to day lives. If they get hurt by say being turned down for a date, or being ridiculed in class, they tend to obsess over their faults which bring their self-esteem down. It also tends to bring the students less friends, making it more difficult for the student to go to school and accomplish what every person wants in life. They start to dwell over this and build up anger towards the bully.
Another popular claim is external causes; these causes come from video games, television, and movies. Many popular video games are violent, and many pupils find them addictive. These addictions can lead to real life events. The Columbine High School shooting was blamed on a video game, which leads to a valid example.   They played the game Doom after being demoralized by bullies for years. They used the video game...