School Assessment Project

Phase 1
I am an income based preschool teacher in the district in which I work. So, a lot of our positives and negatives are different from that of an elementary school. With that being said, we definitely do have a lot of good about our program and a lot of things we need to work on as well.   After reading through the response from the surveys myself and my co-workers filled out, I made a summary of several positives and several negatives.
I will start with the positives first. According to the response from my surveys the highest positive outcomes come from safe and orderly environment, collegiality and professionalism and instruction. First of all, in preschool we are funded on a grant. When being funded by a grant you have to follow a very strict set of rules. We are held accountable on so many different levels. We have to follow all restrictions to a T from DHS (department of human services), ECERS (early childhood environmental rating scale), and ABC (Arkansas Better Chances) rules and restrictions, just so that we are able to get our funding. So, because of these guidelines, I feel we rated ourselves high in the safe and orderly environment area because our school is just that, safe and orderly. We also rated ourselves pretty high in the area of collegiality and professionalism. I feel that the main reason we feel this way is because of our administrator. Our director is always professional at all times and expects her employees to be the same way. It’s not really as if she expects it, but she does a great job of teaching what “professionalism” really is. She exudes herself in a way that makes us want to follow in her footsteps. She also does a great job in making our school feel like one big school family. Lastly, I feel that another strong positive from our school is our instruction with the students. Although we are only a preschool, our instruction is organized in a way that not only helps students achieve at their fullest potential, but also gets...