Sardines and Oranges

A Red Spot
Translated by Ali Azeriah

The story underlines her desire to be independent and free as women, evidence of this can be seen in the beginning and end of the novel. In the beginning of the story she says   that she wanted “to change into a free bird, whose insides are bristling with a strong desire to fly here and there”

| Men | Women |
Pronouns |     * He   * They (Mariam’s Brothers) |     * We   * Our   * I |
Adjectives |     * Rude   * Cruel   * Heart of stone |     * Evil   * Wickedness   * Beautiful |

The title:   * What ideas and expectations does it arouse before reading?   * How is it relevant to the story? | At the beginning you really wouldn’t know what to expect. But after reading you can tell that the red spot is a symbolism of the virginity to the girls and the freedom to choose who a women loves. |
Narrative technique:   * 1st or 3rd person point of view? If the latter, omniscient or external reportage? Shifting perspective?   * How would you describe the tone of the storytelling voice? | This short story is written in a first-person view and the tone is in a worried and towards the end it gets aggressive and tension rises. |
Dialogue:   * How are distinctive voices created?   * What can be inferred from the direct speech? | We can tell that the narrator is a girl and that she is in her mid-teens and isn’t very educated. |
Narrative description (of action):   * What kind of language is used to paint a picture?   * What can be inferred from the descriptions? | The adjectives used to describe men are really harsh paints a picture that women are suppressed by men. |
Setting   * How is a sense of time and place created?   * How does it contribute to the mood?     * How does it affect the reader’s understanding of situation and events? | We can tell that it is in a third world country and that the education in there isn’t very good. It creates a gloomy rough mood. This also puts the reader into the viewpoint of a girl who...