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1 Worksheet - Ohm’s Law t
P Print and com mplete this worksheet. heet, you will answer quest a tions based on Electricity a Ohm’s La Show all s and aw. steps when solving In this worksh p problems. N Note: The amounts used in these proble n ems may not be realistic. 1 What are the four basic units of elec 1. c ctricity? Provide the variab name and symbol, and unit name an ble nd symbol.

2 Write the equation for Ohm’s Law. 2. O

3 Re-arrang the Ohm’s Law equation to solve the following: 3. ge n e I= R=

4 Power is equal to volta times curr 4. e age rent. Add the missing infor rmation in eac of the following power e ch equations. P=V P=R P = V2

5 The yellow wire connec 5. w cted to a pow supply car wer rries 12V. If th power sup he pply provides 60W of powe to the er yellow wir how much current is pa re, assing through the yellow w h wire?

are 6 There are 3.3V passing through an orange powe supply cabl e, and there a 0.025 ohm of resistan in the 6. e g er ms nce orange wi How much power is su ire. upplied to the orange wire by the power supply? r

7 A wire from the power supply is carr 7. rying 120W of power and 2 o 24A of curren Which colo nt. or(s) of cable is the wire?

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