Sample of English Project Paper


      Aimed : 15 Targeted pupils
      Date : 26th – 29th July 2010

      Venue : Computer lab


The Extra Ordinary English Camp is specially planned to help the targeted pupils in dealing with the English UPSR format. Therefore, all the 15 targeted pupils are given the responsibility to gain and help themselves in order to get A in English UPSR, observed by the English teacher.

This paper work consists of programs planned for four days whereby to help the targeted pupils to improved themselves in their level of answering the English paper based on UPSR format. It is hoped that the program held will successfully remain in future undertaking.


To enhance the pupils’ skills in answering English paper in UPSR
To encourage the pupils to make English easier for them
To avoid difficulty and careless
To develop their self confidence
To improve their grammar skills
To upgrade the use of the English Language


 Planned systematic activities to encourage the targeted pupils to take part actively
 Hold an intensive classes for the pupils to attend
 Motive the pupils and make them feel conscious of answering the English paper in UPSR
 Create various types of activities that will enhance their abilities as well as their confidence
 Make the pupils aware of the importance of English in their life.


 Observing the targeted pupils in their skills of answering the English UPSR paper
 Varies activities according to pupils’ ability
 Guide and accompany the pupils in their learning
 Be with the pupils each time when they need help
 Give them confidents and encouragements