Same Sex Marriage

Why Same Sex Marriage Should Not Be Legalized In The United States

Marriage is something that many dream of from a young age. The media romanticizes the concept of marriage, turning it into a goal to be realized. People hold this dream regardless of their sexual preference. Unfortunately, there are those who believe that not everyone should be allowed to marry. The three arguments are based on religion, family dynamic, and history.
The religious argument in which I subscribe is based on the idea that homosexuality is a sin.   It is multiple verses in the Bible attesting to this fact.   Some believe that this argument should be considered completely irrelevant today, because we live in a country where church and state are separate. On this basis alone they justify their behavior by stating that religion should not be considered when deciding upon the legality of an issue. However, if one wanted to look at the religious viewpoint as a valid argument, one could argue that other sins condemned by the Bible do not restrict the sinner’s right to marriage. For instance, murder is clearly frowned upon from a biblical standpoint, as well as a legal one. However, murderers are allowed to marry, even sometimes allowed to marry while imprisoned.   Obviously, this viewpoint shows the lack of relationship and understanding of biblical knowledge and the will of God. Believers like myself are not under the law but under Gods grace. Sinful behavior between same sex marriage is an abomination in tGods eyes regardless of what law argument is made.   The teachings of sin in the bible’s eyes are enough to restrict someone from marriage with respect to Gods grace. Seeing as in my faith, marriage is a spiritual issue and should be upheld by the states, the eyes of the law are small in terms of consequence verses the eyes of God, which really should matter when considering this argument.
Others say that marriage should be for the purpose of having a baby, and that not having both a...