Same Sex Marriage

I am against the government sanctioning same-sex marriages. Am I intolerant? Am I homophobic? Am I part of a fundamentalist religious sect of some sort?
What if I tell you that I am against the government sanctioning marriages between a man and a woman as well? Am I against marriage? Am I an anarchist? Am I insane?
Actually, I believe I have the sanest solution to the whole marriage debate and I don't hear anyone talking about it.
My solution is to leave marriage where it belongs - in religious and private institutions.
What business is it of the government to sanction relationships between consenting adults? Why is it up to the government to define what a marriage is? Why should the government be involved in promoting or discouraging particular types of relationships?
We are a free country so why is it up to the government to tell us how we, the citizens, can define our relationships and which ones are acceptable in their eyes and which ones are not?
My contention is that unless relationships chosen by consenting adults of their own free will endanger other individuals, the government has no business sanctioning them or preventing them.
I believe that all legal partnerships between two people who have committed to each other should all be civil unions in the eyes of the government. Whether these relationships are called marriages or not is up to the individuals themselves.
I have a friend who is a gay. The man he loves is American and they got married last year in Canada where it is legal. I saw the pictures. They were happy, joyful. Their families and friends attended the ceremony and support them in their commitment to each other. They have a house together. They have jobs and pay taxes and they are lively members of the community. They are enjoying life, their love for one another and their pursuit of happiness.
But what if their families did not support their choice and their commitment to each other?
If something were to happen to one of them,...