Same-Sex Marriage

Today we would like to share a heated news in recent days. Same-sex marriage is legalized.
On June 25, 2015, The Supreme Court announced that same-sex marriage is legalized. In that day, People gathered near the White House on Friday evening to see it lit in rainbow colors as a commemoration of the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize same-sex marriage.
Let’s enjoy the video to know more details.
So what’s the significance of this event? Why should same-sex marriage be legal?
There are four reasons.
1. Homosexuals are also human beings. So they have the right to enjoy their human rights. Like other general couples, homosexuals would like to marry to their lovers when their feelings sublime to a certain degree. In the way they will be more intimate and be a real family. Under the circumstances, the same-sex marriage should be legalized.
2. The legalization of same-sex marriage means the legal recognition of homosexual protected by law. As we know, homosexuality is a vulnerable group, just like minorities. So far, some people still can’t accept homosexuality, even being hostile to it, which threaten their life. So we should make some measures to protect the vulnerable group
3. Most of homosexuals will get married to the opposite sex under the stress of society and his family, while many of them will live in an unhappy and miserable life. It is violate to the nature for a homosexual to marry to the opposite sex. And this will harm to each other and their children.
4. The legacy problem after a marriage is one of the reasons. For example, a pair of gays who have cohabited more than 20 years, and one of them dead, his spouse, the one who was cohabiting with him could not inherit his legacy. On the contrary, his families took all of his property .Because they had no marital relations, legal inheritance relations could not achieve.
But now this announcement has solved all of these problems. And we hope all the people could lead a happy life.