Sally Morgan Basic Chapters

Chapter 11

  1) This chapter reveals some of the more unique quirks of the family members personalities. For example nan’s obsession with fires or Gladys’s love of the new family dog.

Chapter 12

  1)   Sally wins an award for citizenship from her school, however she believes it is due to Jill persuading the other children. It is the first award she has ever received. It is ironic because she won an award for citizenship, even though she is outcast and not accepted by the social groups of the school.

  2) The may pole dance was a very humiliating time for Sally. Following the first dance she had developed some confidence and was trying very hard to perform well, however she tried too hard and ended up running off the stage. She had developed a sense of belonging over the course of the first dance, but this was ripped away from her afterwards and she felt isolated by her mistake.

  3) Nan is very secretive about the family’s life, becoming very embarrassed when visitors are around to the house. She is ashamed both of her race, and her financial status.

Chapter 13

  1) The sexual assault by Sally’s “Uncle” leaves her incredibly paranoid as well as very protective of Jill. She keeps what happened to her to herself, as her own secret shame.

  2) Sally suddenly becomes self-conscious in high school. She has become more aware of people’s opinions and is seeking the approval of the others in the school.

  3) Sally is socially alienated in high school. This feeling of alienation is increased when she does Legacy as she feels inferior to all those around her.

  4) Emotive language is used when sally is fighting with nan to emphasise the power she feels arguing with her.

  5) Truanting has the social connotation of being naughty. Sally deliberately alienates herself from school life by truanting from classes.

Chapter 14

  1) The humour In this chapter expresses the joyous times the family experienced together despite the hard...