A Black Grand Mother by Sally Morgan

Chapter 15 having a black grandmother!
Feb. 1996 Australia currency changed the money. Sally became curious about the money her grandmother had been collecting in a jar, she asked her mother why she had been doing that and her mother replied One day that money will be worth a lot. Sally went up to her grandmother and told her she was Crazy! But her mother said don’t tell the government that we have money stored this money in the house.
Sally had an ambition to become an artist but no one encouraged her to become one. She thought Painting and drawing was her special talent. So she decided to burn all the paintings and drawings that she had done, her mother and grandmother were horrified to see what she had done, it took a while approximately a month for her to forgive her family for not encouraging her to draw.
One day after school she arrived her and saw her grandmother crying on the table she asked her what was wrong, and she replied, “You don’t want me, I’m black!” Sally discussed this situation with Jill. Sally thought they came from India, but Jill explained to her they were Aboriginal all they could do was just accept it. When it came to confronting her mother and grandmother they just denied the fact they were Aboriginal they were a tough nut to crack. Her mum went up to Sally and told her to stop hassling her grandmother because she is becoming sick.
Sally’s junior exams were coming up and her mum was anxious for her to do well, this was the first time she actually bothered staying up late and studied she ended up passing, but actually wished she failed because her mum would have no choice for her to continue on.