Salesman Paper

Executive Summary
Sweetr Candy Company invited Contest ‘R Us to present a proposal to implement an employee contest aimed at their Halloween selling season. Contest ‘R Us researched incentives for Sweetr Candy Company employees to earn by increasing their own sales. Contest ‘R Us overall goals are to increase sales, both throughout the contest and steadily in the future.   Our hope is that the prizes offered will be enough motivation for our salespeople to increase their sales throughout the fall.   Our plan to increase sales beyond the contest is giving away quarterly prizes for the region’s top sellers.   Another goal we would like to achieve is to increase moral throughout the entire company.   By offering a regional prize it encourages teamwork in each region with the hope that they will work together and become closer both personally and professionally.   Additionally, asking for each region to come up with their own team name will hopefully be something fun to bring the participants together, and give them more of a sense of belonging.   We are hoping to achieve these overall goals by creating prizes that will motivate the salespeople to work together and make the company better as a whole.
While we want the company to improve, we also find it important that our salespeople improve as individuals.   By offering prizes we are hoping that each salesperson will work harder to increase their clientele and sales.   By implementing the weekly updates our hope is to encourage everyone as an individual to be competitive with his or her coworkers.   We are also hopeful that, individually, each salesperson has fun and learns to be a better salesman.  
As a group we decided that there were several key factors in making our sales contest an effective stand out. First and foremost we wanted to create an exciting and seasonally themed contest that would immediately draw attention and differentiate our contest and company from other contests the Sweetr Candy Company may have...