Salem Witchcraft

Spain and Her Rivals Compete for the New World

I. The Spanish Colonial Project – Early Dominance of the New World
A. The Four Pillars – Reasons for Conquering the New World
1. Economic Exploitation – Abundant Gold & Resources
2. Military Conquest – Conquistadors Search for Gold, Glory, and God
3. Religious Conversion – The Spiritual Conquest
4. Cultural Assimilation – Re-Creating the New World in Their Image
a. “Puro Sangre” – “Gente de Razon”
b. Creating Mestizos – The Sexual Conquest of the New World
  B. An Independent Netherlands – The Dutch in the New World
1. The Dutch Annoyance – “Sea Beggars” & Other Disruption of Spanish Trade Routes
2. New Netherlands – New Amsterdam
II. The French in North America – A Canadian Empire
      A. French Explorations – Searching for Northwest Passage
1. Jacques Cartier – St. Lawrence River & Great Lakes
2. Robert Cavalier La Salle – “Louisiana”
B. Settlement – Furs, Fish, and Indian Trade
1. Quebec – Fortress and Trading Post
          2. French Religious Project – “Black Robes”
III. A Century of Delay – England Prepares for Colonization
      A. Henry VII – Rise of the Tudor Dynasty
1. War of Roses – Order Restored
2. Consolidating Power – Calling Parliament
3. John Cabot – “A New Found Lande”
      B. Henry VIII – All Hell Breaks Loose
1. Need for an Heir – The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon
2. Anglican Church – The Reformation Explodes in England
a. Bribing Converts – Enclosure Movement
b. Religious Turmoil – Religion & Politics
3. A Troubled Succession – A Weak Legacy?
a. Edward VI – The Boy King
b. Mary I – “Bloody Mary”
C. Elizabeth I – Elizabeth the Great (?)
1. Troubles at Home – Her Father Left a Mess
a. “The Elizabethan Settlement” – Codifying the Anglican Church
b. Mary Queen of Scots and the “Catholic Threat”
c. Sexual Politics – The “Virgin Queen”
2. Continued Troubles with Spain