Salem Witch Trials

Many citizens died either in jail or at the gallows in Salem in 1692 due to the accusations of witchcraft. No one in Salem was safe from the allegations. There are many beliefs as to why these accusations were made and to such a great extent in Salem. It is my opinion that it is due to the community’s strict religious beliefs. Amongst those accused and later hanged were Sarah Good, Mary Easty and Rebecca Nurse. Good was social outcast, and Easty and Nurse were pious and respected women of the community. All three of these women were falsely accused of witchcraft, and they denied the claims stating their innocence.
There was one common thread amongst Good, Easty and Nurse. All three women were falsely accused of witchcraft by tormenting the young girls of Salem with their specters or spirits. Good, being an outcast of society was one of the first accused. During Good’s examination some of the girls “shrieked and fell into fits” (“Salem Witch Trials-The People”). The fits were also observed in Easty and Nurse’s examinations as well. While being examined, Nurse was asked if she were innocent. She replied, “I can say before my Eternal father I am innocent, and God will clear my innocency” (“The Salem Witchcraft Papers Vol. 2,” 585). All three women denied the accusations and fought for their freedom until the end. At the gallows just prior to being hanged, Good was urged by Rev. Noyes to repent of her sin. She refused stating, “I am no more a witch than you are a wizard, and if you take away my life God will give you blood to drink”(“Salem Witch Trials-The People”). Many years after the execution of Good, Rev. Noyes died, choking on his own blood (“Salem Witch Trials-The People”). Though there were similarities between the three women, there were also differences.
Both Easty and Nurse, who were sisters, had many similarities, while Good had more differences. Good was a homeless beggar and outcast. She would go door-to-door begging and if refused she would walk away...