Safety Tips for Notebooks

.General Safety Precautions

In order to ensure your safety and the safety of your notebook, we ask that you carefully follow these safety precautions.
● CAUTION: Using your notebook for long periods of time, with the base resting directly on exposed skin, can cause injury, burns or discomfort from the heat buildup that is generated from the base of your portable computer.
● After removing the notebook from the box, please ensure that all packaging materials are kept out of the reach of small children as they can cause a potential choking hazard. The packaging materials should be safely stored away in the event that it may be used again for safe transportation of the notebook.
● Ensure that the AC Adaptor and power cable are placed in a safe area where it cannot be tripped over or stepped on. The AC Adaptor should be situated in a well ventilated area and should have nothing resting on or covering it.
● Before turning on the notebook, ensure that it is placed on a level surface with at least 10 cm of clearance around the air vents, which will aid in proper cooling.
● Do not obstruct the air vents of the notebook and do not insert any foreign objects into this space. Doing this may cause a short circuit or may cause the CPU fan to malfunction, resulting in the risk of a fire or electric shock. This may eventually render permanent damage to the notebook.
● Do note press or touch the display panel.
● Only use the AC Adaptor that is provided with the notebook or that which is recommended by the manufactureR

Do not carry the notebook battery, loose, in your handbag, backpack or pocket where loose metal objects (money, keys, chains, pens, etc) may be present. The metal objects can short circuit the terminals of tHe battery resulting in overheating that could cause a fire hazard. In the event that you need to transport the battery separately from the notebook, please place it inside an antistatic bag. ● Discard old worn out batteries according to the...